Public Sector Brings New Cybersecurity Tech to Market

Hacker image
Here’s follow-up on a recent blog on emerging public and private sector roles in protecting against state-actor corporate cyberattacks.

Did you hear about the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate’s commercialization of another Transition to Practice program technology?

The new industrial control systems cybersecurity solution — called SerialTap — passively taps serial-line communication data for use with enterprise cybersecurity incident and event management systems to improve situational awareness during an event. SerialTap integrates with legacy IT enterprise security solutions and industrial control systems used by critical infrastructure sectors.

The SerialTap announcement came during Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month, which aimed at building awareness of the importance of critical infrastructure, and reaffirming “the nationwide commitment to keep our critical infrastructure and our communities safe and secure.”

Good to see the public sector sharing new technology to improve cybersecurity incident response.


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