Marketing for legal audiences hinges on nuanced messaging and smart content  for lawyers. After all, lawyers are skeptics,  ready to call “bull” on marketing fluff or any lack of knowledge. The words  used in legal marketing can turn a prospect on or off in a nanosecond.

In legal marketing, the key is to come across as knowledgeable. You need to bring insight on their workflows, pain points, and business objectives. Showing them you understand their world is everything.

Finding the right  agency to help you market to legal audiences can feel almost impossible. Unless you’re okay spending hours editing their work.   

What We Bring
That’s where WritMarketing comes in. My lawyer and product marketing careers unite to fuel authentic, personalized legal marketing. You get the “writ “: creative, conversational, and engaging writing for legal audiences. You also get a savvy, experienced legal marketer.

Content Strategy & Writing
Fresh, continual
content from WritMarketing educates your customers and prospects about how you solve their pressing challenges. We map out a content strategy with you. Then we research and write smart content for legal audiences.

Content cadence and social media placements are planned out across months. This way, prospects get the right content at the right time to impact their decision. 

Product Messaging 
As a lawyer and author on legal innovation I am tuned into this audience and industry. My 15+ year product marketing career gave me the strategic and tactical skills to help you launch products/services and support sales teams. 

Singing from the same choir book is everything.  To get you there, I lead collaborative message development across product, executive, sales and services teams.  The process ensures we get the best ideas and the buy-in needed for choir singing. Otherwise your messaging is all over the place, confusing the market on what you stand for. 


Carolyn was amazing to work with — it instantly felt like I had a teammate, who really understood what I needed to accomplish. A fast learner, she wrote a tremendous amount of content for us in a short time. Carolyn’s press releases earned us coverage in a major legal publication, and her sage advice on on-boarding a European e-discovery acquisition was invaluable.

Glenda Hoffman, VP Marketing, Large e-Discovery Service Provider

January 2019. Carolyn joined us to pinch-hit for our product-marketing team during the absence of one of our key managers. She rapidly soaked up a staggering amount of information about our products and solutions, including audiences, industries, positioning, and the competitive marketplace, to help us define and refine our messaging. She was instrumental in helping …

CC Holland, Sr. Director of Content Strategy, Intapp