Breaking News – Supreme Court to Rule on Microsoft EU Emails

A significant battle between Microsoft and law enforcement has made its way to the US Supreme Court. The DC Court of Appeals struck down lower courts’ decisions that Microsoft must give US law enforcement client emails  stored in Ireland in a drug trafficking case. The  upcoming Supreme Court ruling on this case will have far-reaching impact in our digital economy where data crisscrosses the global internet, coming to rest on a server in a particular country.

global internet

How far do US laws extend to data stored in foreign countries?

If Microsoft is forced to hand over the emails from their Ireland data center, how will EU data protection authorities react?  Especially, given that the General Data Protection Regulations, an overhaul of EU data privacy laws, massive financial penalties for non-compliance take effect in May 2018.

If Microsoft does not have to hand over the emails, will criminals hide their communications and data overseas so US law enforcement cannot access it?

Be sure to follow this case and watch for the Supreme Court ruling.

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